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Turnkey services that will bring your web presence alive. Comprehensive understanding of your service offering brings about the ability to communicate clearly and concisely your specific message. This delivered makes the difference.


If you’ve had a website for quite some time now and the only thing you’ve gained from it is being able to say that you’ve had a website for quite some time now, then the bad news is that you might just as well not have had a website at all.

The good news is that with a little tweaking and the addition of a few nifty new tools – or possibly a complete site overhaul – you can look forward to a whole new level of interaction with your market.

How, you ask? Simple: By applying the vital principles of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly referred to, to every aspect of your website.

What's Your Rank?

When you type the name of your business into the search bar of your browser, chances are that your site is among the top few of the results listed. You may feel quite pleased about this because it means you’re ranked on the first page, right?

Sadly, not so much. You see, the thing about those search results is that they are based on the search terms entered by the person doing the search. So, because you know the name of your business, you know to type it into the search bar. But what about the many millions of people who don’t even know that your business exists? What are the search terms that they type into the search bar?

If people don’t know that your site exists, how will they know to look for it? They will search for the item or the service that they need.

There are various methods of making your website visible to search engines. “Black hat” SEO is that which isn’t done strictly according to the rules and, if discovered, could get your site blocked. “White hat” SEO takes more work and requires an understanding of how search engines operate but, if done correctly, can make your site incredibly successful.


Making Your Site "Magnetic"

Because we understand how the search engines classify and rank websites, we can incorporate specific elements into the design and content of your site to ensure that your business’ visibility on the web reaches a whole new level.

Our SEO service option includes the following:


  • Requirement Analysis

We take into account what type of business you have and what message you need to communicate to both existing and prospective clients on your site.


  • Keyword/Phrase Analysis

Based on your requirements and using specific analytic tools, we figure out the best combinations of keywords and phrases to use in your site content, so that searches and phrases that contain terms that are relevant to your business, people can find you.


  • Competitor Analysis

When a person searching the web for the product or service that your business provides but doesn’t find your site, who do they ultimately purchase from? Your competition, that’s who! This is why we do an analysis of their site as well as yours, and find out what they’re doing that you (or we, on your behalf) could do better.


  • On-page SEO

Once we’ve completed our full analysis of your market, your keywords and your competition, we go to work on the optimisation of your site, combining marketing strategy, design and analytics to make your site as attractive to search engines as possible.


  • Sitemap

Making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for on your site makes it more likely that they’ll stay on your site longer, which lets search engines know that your site is relevant. A relevant site enjoys a healthy ranking, provided that it is correctly maintained and managed as well.


  • Manage & Optimise Webmaster Tools

The various tools that are used to monitor and maintain your site are only ever as valuable as the results they deliver and because your site is regularly checked for activity and updates by the search engines, it is important to ensure that the tools and methods you are using to keep your site visible and easy to find on the web are suitable.


  • Create Backlinks

One of the most important things that search engines look for when raking your site is how many other sites link to yours. In days gone by, you could get lots of links by linking up to a site that has hundreds of links to other sites and which then links all of those back to yours, no matter what their content. Doing that today could not only destroy your ranking but could actually get you into trouble. Yes, links from other sites to yours are important but they must be relevant. In other words, they must have something to do with what your site is all about. Building up links like these takes time and work. But they can be considered most important.


  • Continuous Evaluation & Adjustment

A site that is updated regularly with sufficient new, optimised content will always be viewed by a search engine as relevant. A site whose design, layout, content and analytical tools are continually being refreshed for optimum relevance will not only be highly ranked and easy to find, but interesting and enjoyable to read, which will have visitors coming back for more.


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